Youth Orchestras of Lubbock
Logo Redesign


The Youth Orchestras of Lubbock are a nonprofit organization with the mission of providing an exceptional music education experience for the plethora of students that are involved in the organization.

The focus of the project was to develop a new logo for the Youth Orchestras of Lubbock. The organization’s current logo was horrendous and repeatedly likened to a martini glass. That is not the type of imagery you want in mind when speaking of a non-profit for kids. It was agreed that the logo did not represent what the organization stood for, education, inclusion, and community to name a few. I was tasked with the responsibility of developing a new logo mark that conveyed the aforementioned adjectives and distinct to the brand's mission statement of providing an exceptional music education experience.

I developed multiple conceptual directions for the organization so I could get a sense of direction on what members of the organization would want the logo to be. I created a survey for the parents and children in the organization so I could get a sense of direction on what they would like the new logo to be. The old logo was bad enough to provide a clean slate, but I needed to know if there were certain familiar details that could be kept. The client and I are still working together on the final logo. The logo below is one that the client was keen on.


Youth Orchestras of Lubbock




Hand Sketching, Sketch 3, Pinterest, Photoshop