Eye Drive
App Concept


EyeGuide is a startup company in Lubbock that designs and develops concussion detection and management software/hardware. They came to me and wanted to see if I could develop the UX/UI for an eye tracking device that would determine if a driver was fit  to drive.

Conceptually, the application would exist on an in-car tablet and be powered by EyeGuide's existing eye tracking technology. With irony, I went on to dub the conceptual application EyeDrive and designed the application with minimalism in mind. The potential audience for this type of application spans the spectrum from the long distance commute of a truck driver to the normal everyday commute of the average driver.

Before designing EyeDrive, I researched information on the connected car, HUDs, and focal vision. This type of product could help decrease the amount of drunk-driving fatalities that happen on our roads every day.  My findings aided in the design process of the app flow. I wanted to design a clean environment w/o distractions and quick affordances. I presented my designs to the EyeGuide leadership team and they were impressed enough to offer me a full-time position on their team.  






Hand Sketching, Sketch 3, Pinterest, Balsamiq

Early Sketches/Diagrams

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Final Mockups

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